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* Current events and non-fiction news pieces *

* Varied Lexile levels for each article *

* Pre-written quizzes and writing prompts *

Looking for a way to read non-fiction news and current events in class, but struggling with differentiating for your lower readers or ESOL students?

Have you used  NEWSELA.COM?

Imagine, everyone in class is assigned to read the same news article or current event, but your ESOL and struggling readers are able to select a less difficult translation! They all read the same piece, but with different vocabulary, language complexity, and sentence structure. 

Newsela is a great way to allow differentiation but to achieve the same goals! 

Post articles on your class webpage for students to explore; allow them to select which level works best for them and challenge them to continue moving up until they are reading at the highest level, or you can also assign the Lexile levels.
Check it out! Each article even has a pre-written quiz and essay topic!

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