Let's Work Together  To Change Your PD

Meaningful and engaging professional development for educators is difficult to find.  Adult learners have different needs and expectations than students, and using Knowles's Principles of Andragogy, Nikki designs sessions that meet those needs.

To guide all professional development sessions, Nikki's relies on 6 Rules of Engagement:

1. PD must be teacher-designed

2. PD must be purpose-driven

3. PD must be relevant

4. PD must value long-term goals

5. PD must be realistic

6. PD must be supported 

Professional Development Sessions

Each PD session is tailored to the needs and desires of the client.  Collaboration is key to hosting successful learning opportunities for educators.


Give me a "T" for Technology


The Paperless Classroom

Do your teachers need a bit of inspiration or a good argument for why using technology in class is a good idea?  This session includes tips, tricks, discussions, and activities to get everyone on the team. 

In this session, teachers learn the keys to creating a paperless classroom, as well as a variety of apps and sites to help.

Digital Assessments

This session introduces a variety of sites and apps to help educators create engaging assessments for their students. 

Things That Suck

Want to give your teachers an opportunity to discuss educational theory, practice, or assessment. This session (from EdCamp) gives educators time to hash out the positives and negatives in education.

Hacking Education

This session focuses on experiential learning and cross-curricular projects.  Teachers are asked to "hack" education.

Digital Tool Shoutout

This is a fast-paced session which illustrates a variety of apps and sites for classroom and school use.

Speed-Dating for Projects

Want to develop better cross-curricular instruction? This speed-dating event helps teachers pair up for upcoming content creation

The Walking Dead: Teachers & PD


Rubric Writing

Tired of the "sit and get" format and the zombies (aka teachers) in the crowd?  This session will introduce innovative new ways to use technology in PD and faculty meetings.

Want to help teachers see the need, learn to "do the math," and write learning target-driven rubrics? This seminar builds a love for good assessment and shares a variety of tools to make it easier.