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Stop by this page each week for a new Chrome Extension to rock your world!

Love your Google Calendar but hating flipping through tabs to find the page? With the Google Calendar Chrome Extension, just click a button in your extension list to access the upcoming events on your calendar!

You may know the website, but do you know the extension?  Everyone hates publishing on a website and realizing later that you made grammatical errors.  Just as Docs or MS Word checks your spelling and grammar for your documents, so does Grammarly for anything you post online-- that includes Facebook and other social media sites.  (Share it with your friends!)

Did you know that you can take a web page and turn it into a printable document (without all of the messy ads and weird formatting)?
How many of us have copied and pasted from a website into a document and fought with the formatting and font?  
Imagine finding a great article on the web, wanting students to access it via a PDF or even on a piece of paper (gasp!), and being able to make the document look professional (while being easy-to-read).   
Clean Print is an extension that you download in Google Chrome that will allow you to make web pages look as if they were meant to be printed.
I've created a 1-minute tutorial that shows you how to download the extension and how to use it with a web page:
1. Go to the Chrome Web Store
2. Search and download "Clean Print"
3. The icon will appear on the toolbar of Chrome in the upper right-hand corner.
4. Open up the webpage you'd like to print or make into a PDF.
5. Click the Clean Print icon.
6. Use the menu on the left to create the print the way you want it. 

Did you know that you can easily create a citation for a webpage with the click of one button? 
There will be no more annoying searches for the information you need and going to the OWL to find the appropriate citation formatting!   With the Cite This For Me Google Chrome Extension, it's just one click to grab the APA or MLA citation for the webpage you are viewing!
2. Search "Cite This For Me" in the search bar on the left.
3. Click "Add to Chrome"
4. Your new icon will appear in the top right hand of your screen with your other extensions.
5. Test it out:  Go to a website that has written content.
6. Click on the Cite This For Me icon  (select APA/MLA/Chicago/Harvard).
7. Copy the citation provided (or add it to the bibliography to access later).