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Growing a
Paperless Classroom


Learn to Haiku (Powerschool)

Attending a session and want to learn more about Powerschool (formerly Haiku Learning)?  Feel free to join Nikki's sample class, where you can take quizzes, participate in polls, and view how content can be curated for a course.

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“What did we do yesterday when I was absent?” “Which website are we supposed to go to?” “I forgot the worksheet. Can I bring it tomorrow?"

These questions punctuate a teacher’s day, but when a classroom moves towards going paperless, students are provided with an online asynchronous home base, with instructions and feedback available 24 hours a day.  Going paperless can improve communication, assessment, and instruction. Stop by this session and take away a few tools to improve your (soon-to-be) paperless classroom.

2 Steps to the 

paperless classroom

Powerschool Learning, formerly Haiku Learning, is an incredible FREE learning management system for teachers (there is also an even better paid version).  Our teachers prefer Powerschool as a home base for their classes. Click the picture to sign up.

More importantly, find the RIGHT tools that enhance your curriculum.

These assessment tools are completely free, easy to use for teachers and students, and have a plethora of training videos available to get you started.  But please remember, apps are simply tools that can enhance your curriculum.  Click on each pic for more information.


With so many Learning Management Systems out there, how do you know which one is best for you and your students? Stop by this session to see how teachers have embraced Haiku Learning as a home base for classes. Learn how to create a class, add content, embed videos and other apps and sites. See real-life teacher examples and tips and tricks for making Haiku work for you! With Haiku, you’re free.


Video Tutorials for Haiku Learning / Powerschool


Introduction to Powerschool/
Haiku Learning


The Highlights

  • Dashboard with combined calendar and announcements
  • You can Embed the Web with one click
  • Assessments, practices, and assignment dropbox
  • Build rubrics and attach to assignments in dropbox
  • Hold discussions on a threaded discussion board
  • Give a poll
  • Calendar feature; sync your Google Calendar, attach assign.
  • iPad App
  • In-class messaging
  • For paid version: single sign-on with Google, shadowing feature for admin and lead teachers, Turnitin.com integration, annotate student work, and so much more.