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About Nikki

Nikki Morrell Buyna has engaged students and faculty for more than twenty-two years in both the K-12 and college sectors. As an educator, she taught courses in literature, composition, and humanities while directing various dance and theater programs. In addition, her previous roles include Director of the Performing Arts, Professional Development Coordinator, Education Technology Specialist, elementary school director, and Director of Academics.

Currently, Nikki is the Director of the English Department at Full Sail University.

Nikki is passionate about cultivating a culture of innovation and creativity amongst educators. To that end, she hosts a podcast on topics in education and a website for educators. She has contributed to a variety of online educational sites and co-authored the ebook #Reaching the Tweeps: Hashing Out the Rules of Social Media in Education.

Nikki received a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University, a Master of Humanities from Tiffin University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from King University.

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