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How to Use ChatGPT for Strategic Foresight: Limitations, Possibilities, and Workarounds

 Charles Tsai shares quite a bit about what the AI can do vs. what it cannot do.  And by looking into its limitations, we will begin to find our new path as composition teachers.   It will change what type of questions we ask and how we assess student skill mastery.

AI and Writing

What ChatGPT Means for How We Teach Writing

The news continues to be filled with media that discusses ChatGPT and the future of composition. In EdWeek, Anne Bruder  posits that English teachers are now facing the crisis that math and history teachers have faced in the past (calculators/Photomath in math and Wikipedia/Google in history.  And while many were worried that students wouldn’t need to “know anything,” we’ve not quite seen that story play out.

AI & College

The College Essay Is Dead

With new AI tools like ChatGPT, the face of composition may be changing, and how we instruct and evaluate student work may need to change as well.  If you’ve not been keeping up with the latest AI app, check out this article: The College Essay is Dead By Stephen Marche. ChatGPT is only the beginning of this new landscape.  How will we continue to teach valuable writing and communication skills if students have access to AI that will write for them? 

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