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Ready to Shape Your Professional Development?

Meaningful and engaging professional development for educators is difficult to find.  Adult learners have different needs and expectations than students, and using Knowles's Principles of Andragogy, Nikki designs sessions that meet those needs.


To guide all professional development sessions, Nikki relies on 6 Rules of Engagement:


1. PD must be teacher-designed

2. PD must be purpose-driven

3. PD must be relevant

4. PD must value long-term goals

5. PD must be realistic

6. PD must be supported 

If you're ready to reshape your professional development, contact Nikki.  Each PD session is tailored to the needs and desires of the client.  Collaboration is key to hosting successful learning opportunities for educators, and she promises interactive and engaging sessions and no "sit and get" one-solution learning.

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It is possible to participate in professional development without hating it.   Take our PLNs online, our twitter chats, and our heated discussions with colleagues in the teachers' lounge for example.  We love driving our own learning.  

Now, it's up to us to drive our own school and district professional development as well. Our new job as educators is to innovate and to find joy in learning and to model that for our students!

Nikki Buyna


The sessions were tailored to our level and discipline, which is not only useful, but thoughtful. It really feels as though this was planned for upper school, the teachers, as opposed to many PDs in the past, which felt like they were for admin, or to check a required box, not what the teachers really needed.

We actually learned things that would be useful in the classroom. In all my years at this school, PD has NEVER been this good.

This is the BEST PD I've had at any school. I love the workshops and how we can choose what we want or need.

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